We welcomed children from Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine

Meeting in Česká Lípa from the perspective of a Slovak pupil

With the Visegrad Fund financial support and with Česká Lípa administration help our school organized the first project meeting. Children from partnership towns (Boleslawiec, Uzghorod and Bardějov) came to our school the first Noveber week.

The primary goal of 100 Years of  Reciprocity and Diversity Project was to bring children of different nationalities together and to highlight the similarities or differences in their own nation histories and cultures.

The meeting schedule was very diverse and abundant in activities:

  • particular school and town presentations,
  • Czech language workshop,
  • GeoGame – interactive learning about Česká Lípa, showing the children the most interesting places with the main focus on the important dates in the Czech history,
  • Adeline majorette group workshop,
  • all-day Prague tour,
  • sport games,
  • Water Castle Lipý and Textile Print Centre visit,
  • classes participation,
  • meeting evaluation.

During this meeting each participant gained new experience, new friendship and small presents from Ježek Software company or Česká Lípa . This meeting could not have been accomplished without great help of our children’s families who provided temporary homes and food for the visitors.

One meeting has ended but we are now processing our project outputs and looking forward to the second meeting in Uzghorod in April 2019.