We launched our international project ‚100 Years of Reciprocity and Diversity‘

With Visegrad Fund financial support our new international project ‚100 Years of Reciprocity and Diversity‘ has been processed since last year. The partnership schools from Uzghorod, Bardějov and Boleslawiec are our town’s partners at the same time.  Together with our town representatives and our colleagues from Ukraine, Slovakia and Poland we initiated the project on Thursday 5th October 2018. It was a preliminary meeting of our team. We would like to thank our town mayor for her warm-hearted reception.

Manage meeting

Within the project  we are going to organize partnership school meetings and various activities e.g. activities remembering important historic events of each country, photo documentation of location changes  in time from 1918 until present days or creating a tourist guide book for children that would give some trip ideas in the environs of the children’s hometown.

In a month time our school ZŠ Partyzánská is organizing the first students‘ meeting of all participating schools. Now, our students have been in the working process already.  They are dealing with the assignments in order to introduce their hometown and its neighbourhood to the remaining project participants. English is the official project language therefore our students have to deal with all tasks in English.