100 years of Reciprocity and Diversity – Project Summary

  • The main aim of this project is to eliminate distrust and prejudice towards immigrants and also strengthen respect for cultural differences. Our project activities and meetings should help us to fulfill this aim and address the needs of our communities. We would like to introduce the history and present state of each culture and enhance awareness of reciprocity of the involved nations.
  • The project connects Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic based on the similarity of our languages and cultural contexts, Central European location and historical event „1918 – the end of the first World War.“ Commemoration of this historical event, the charting of history and contemporary life of individual nations provides us with a significant opportunity to realize our project.
  • Getting to know each other, sharing the same experience, meeting, cooperating and communicating with the partners of this project is necessary for fulfillment of the aims of this project. Moreover, visiting partner schools provides the possibility to learn about different cultural environments and enhances the opportunity to meet new friends. With this project we are seeking a positive change in students‘ attitudes and opinions, as well as among wider communities (parents, acquaintances, citizens of the city).

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