Meeting in Uzghorod (UA)

The Ukraine stay was a great surprise for all people involved. Weather in Uzghorod was perfect. Sakuras in bloom painted the streets into pink.

Our partnership school (Primary school #5) prepared very eventful programme with lots of activities for children, a guided tour in Uzghorod and its Botanical Garden. We saw Uzghorod Open-air Folk Museum, travelled quite a lot around Uzghorod (using the travel guide made by children before). We also joined the lessons at school. What our children liked the best was the „Europarty“. It was an evening party with many dance and singing performances. This party ended up with a spectacular show with a Senegalese dancer and international music.

Czech group in front of the hotel

Our children also grew fond of ice-cream, chocolate from a local chocolate factory and home-made lollipops. The only negative experience was a long waiting on the borders. Most of the children had never been checked on the borders before, that is why they were bothered by that.

On Friday  the children tasted some local specialities and after they said goodbye to their new friends and with tears they set out on their journey back home.

All of us will process every single moment of our jorney for a long time. While we will be working on our last project task (comparing our partnership towns photographies  now and 100 years ago) we will have a chance to remember everything great that happened to us in Ukraine.

This is the end of our project, but we hope to continue our collective work and we also hope not to see each other for the last time.

It was really a great project and we miss it.

Mgr. Petra Horčičková

We welcomed children from Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine

With the Visegrad Fund financial support and with Česká Lípa administration help our school organized the first project meeting. Children from partnership towns (Boleslawiec, Uzghorod and Bardějov) came to our school the first Noveber week.

The primary goal of 100 Years of  Reciprocity and Diversity Project was to bring children of different nationalities together and to highlight the similarities or differences in their own nation histories and cultures.

The meeting schedule was very diverse and abundant in activities:

  • particular school and town presentations,
  • Czech language workshop,
  • GeoGame – interactive learning about Česká Lípa, showing the children the most interesting places with the main focus on the important dates in the Czech history,
  • Adeline majorette group workshop,
  • all-day Prague tour,
  • sport games,
  • Water Castle Lipý and Textile Print Centre visit,
  • classes participation,
  • meeting evaluation.

Acquaintance and handing over small gifts

During this meeting each participant gained new experience, new friendship and small presents from Ježek Software company or Česká Lípa . This meeting could not have been accomplished without great help of our children’s families who provided temporary homes and food for the visitors.

One meeting has ended but we are now processing our project outputs and looking forward to the second meeting in Uzghorod in April 2019.

Evaluation of the meeting of Česká-Lípa


We launched our international project ‚100 Years of Reciprocity and Diversity‘

With Visegrad Fund financial support our new international project ‚100 Years of Reciprocity and Diversity‘ has been processed since last year. The partnership schools from Uzghorod, Bardějov and Boleslawiec are our town’s partners at the same time.  Together with our town representatives and our colleagues from Ukraine, Slovakia and Poland we initiated the project on Thursday 5th October 2018. It was a preliminary meeting of our team. We would like to thank our town mayor for her warm-hearted reception.

Manage meeting

Within the project  we are going to organize partnership school meetings and various activities e.g. activities remembering important historic events of each country, photo documentation of location changes  in time from 1918 until present days or creating a tourist guide book for children that would give some trip ideas in the environs of the children’s hometown.

In a month time our school ZŠ Partyzánská is organizing the first students‘ meeting of all participating schools. Now, our students have been in the working process already.  They are dealing with the assignments in order to introduce their hometown and its neighbourhood to the remaining project participants. English is the official project language therefore our students have to deal with all tasks in English.

100 years of Reciprocity and Diversity – Project Summary

  • The main aim of this project is to eliminate distrust and prejudice towards immigrants and also strengthen respect for cultural differences. Our project activities and meetings should help us to fulfill this aim and address the needs of our communities. We would like to introduce the history and present state of each culture and enhance awareness of reciprocity of the involved nations.
  • The project connects Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic based on the similarity of our languages and cultural contexts, Central European location and historical event „1918 – the end of the first World War.“ Commemoration of this historical event, the charting of history and contemporary life of individual nations provides us with a significant opportunity to realize our project.
  • Getting to know each other, sharing the same experience, meeting, cooperating and communicating with the partners of this project is necessary for fulfillment of the aims of this project. Moreover, visiting partner schools provides the possibility to learn about different cultural environments and enhances the opportunity to meet new friends. With this project we are seeking a positive change in students‘ attitudes and opinions, as well as among wider communities (parents, acquaintances, citizens of the city).